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TST507 display quit working

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Last week in the middle of the night the low air alarm started going off on my TST507, it was due to low temps ~20F causing lower tire pressure.  Well got up and went to shut it off and the darn mount fell to the floor taking the display with it, the suction cup mount came loose🤬  The alarm stopped at least.

The next day I went to put it back and it would not start up, it would light up briefly but not bring up the display.  It seemed like the female plug connector in the display was loose.   Although the back of the TST has 4 small screws in it I could only get one of the 4 to come out, almost seemed like the screws were glued in.  With nothing else to loose I pried the case a part.  Visually I couldn't see any problems and no matter what I did could get the system to work.

So ~5 days ago I ordered a new display from AMAZON to be delivered to the campground I'm at.  It was delivered yesterday evening and today my task is to program it to my wheel sensors.  Fun Times. 

A am also going to just screw the mount down, the TST mount has come off numerous times and I'm done fooling with it.  I tore the suction cup portion from it last night and intend to just use a screw through the mount I have for the TST & GPS. 


So just a heads up on dropping the TST if it drops to the floor there's a good chance it will not work. 

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Jim, I had the problem of my suction cup coming off all the time and I found this.


I installed it on a RAM mount above the pilot chair. I also ran the power through the upper cabinet. I did this when I was installing my new power shades and TV upgrade.



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About 2 years ago my TST decided not to work and not charge. Seems like they had issues with the power cord connector or at least mine did. So my son took it apart and using a usb cable he had lying around, hard wired the usb cord to the device. It was out of warranty anyway and the solution was really cheap. 
now it works all the time and the battery is always charged. 

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Today I removed all the tire sensors and programmed to the new TST507.  Then checked all the tire pressures and made sure everything was OK. 

I have a plexiglass tissue box mounted to the right of my steering wheel.  On the right side I have my Garmin mounted. I had been using the suction cup for the TST507 on the bottom but it was coming loose.  So today I just drilled 2 holes through the bottom of the mount through the plexiglass and used a heavy zip tie to secure.  I doubt it will be falling off now.  And with the zip tie I can simply cut it loose anytime I want. 

I also use the tissue box to store a pair of sunglasses and a travel router that I teather my phone to.  I have an antenna cord for the WeBoost that I pull down from the TV mount.  So while parked I just plug my phone into the router and set the booster on top. 

To the left of the steering wheel I have my Silverleaf display.  



GPS and TMPS display.jpg

Silverleaf dispaly.jpg

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Jim, my Windsor came with the trip-tech and it didn't work. I bought a used unit and it didn't work either. I also bought a Bluefire so I could get the data you get with your Silverleaf. The Bluefire connects via Bluetooth and it does but I can't get any data. I want to get that figured out. Here is a picture of my cockpit remodel.

Cockpit TV W new tv.jpg

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Like what you did with the cockpit,

I was considering a larger like that but decide the current 32" flat screen we have is big enough and the old TV box has good storage space.  I mounted the TV on a swing out type arm which gives good access to the storage,  I added a shelf which is the right size for DVD's and CD's.  Lower portion for other stuff.  So I decided against going with a larger TV.  Ya the old TV box can be a head banger but after ~15 years I have muscel memory and instinctively duct while getting in.  Still hit my head once in a while but blame that on me, usually happens when I'm in a hurry.


Not sure what might be wrong with Bluefire.  I know many people use it.  You might send a PM to @Scotty Hutto I know he has a jazzed up system, if he can't figure it out I doubt no one else can. 

My Silverleaf has a box I plug into the port and then a cable going to my tablet.  Everyonce in a while I have to unplug and reboot to get it to connect. 



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