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Here is a little "hack" recommendation concerning water pumps.

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While some folks go to the expense of carrying an extra water pump. If you regularly stay in CGs with hook ups a quick cheap option is to keep a couple of 1/2" plastic pipe thread plugs on hand in your rig . 

I recently had my Shurflo 12v water pump start leaking pretty severely. Since I am in the boonies ( but at a park with hookups) I could not easily go to a local supply to pick up a replacement and ordering one on line would take a week to reach me. With water hooked up to the CG source the pump leaked and with the pump connected to the tank it leaked. My easy short term solution was two 1/2" MIP plastic plugs ( cost about $3) I connected one to the pex FIP fitting at the inlet to the pump and the other at the pex FIP fitting at the outlet of the pump. This sealed off the water from both the tank and the CG side to the pump. This stops the leak and allows continued use of CG water until the pump can be replaced. Also -FYI- this is the same plug size that is used in the Atwood water heater.


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That is a good tip…

Because we boondock a LOT! We have an extra pump but I have it setup so I can pump water into the MotorHome- we carry a couple of 4gal jugs and a 50 gallon bladder - it fits in the back of the Jeep. Bonus - if we have leftover water in our bladder we can wash the Jeep out in the boonies.

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Excellent advice. I've carried extra fitting for years but have not had to use them yet. I can't say the same for the extra SharkBite fittings. Leaks are irritating no matter where they exist. I carry a supply of couplers as well as two 90s in case I get a leak in the pex lines. Funny how we do some little things without thinking of sharing. Two thumbs up to you for doing so....Dennis

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