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Armistice Day AKA Veterans Day

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5 minutes ago, Paul J A said:

I salute ALL Veteran's and respect "your" dedication of a portion of your life to serve for our country and all it's endured with your help.

Korea 1953-56

75 Ranger Regiment

Thanks for all our veterans...

God Bless!!!

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Amen,  thanks for your service, Paul.     I have a grandson in Korea right now,  pray for him.   Seems like the world is on fire.

I was in the Navy, an anti-sub patrol plane crew member on an old P2V Neptune, and stayed stateside.  63-71 Spent a lot of time patrolling the gulf

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I, too, send out a salute to our veterans or those with family members.  I attended the Military Appreciation Day a week ago at my Alma Mater, NC State.  It was awe inspiring and made me glad and proud to be a State Grad.

I completed 3 1/2 years of ROTC Military Science at State and was to be commissioned and then attend flight school and then helicopter flight school.  A month before Graduation, they did my final “flight school” physical and I got bumped….my hearing was PLUS 50 dB.  I wanted to serve, but would have qualified for a “pension” due to my hearing loss, the Army Flight Surgeon said.

So, I admire those that were fit to served and the sacrifices that they made.

Ironically, my wife is an 11/11/46 baby and my late FIL was a Flight Engineer Instructor in WWII and I have several uncles that served in WWII & Korea.  At our State military day event, they honored a 90 YO that had tours in WWII & Korea.  He got a standing ovation.

@Paul J A,

Thanks for the post….

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