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windshield passenger side. 2001 Exec

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I have the very same problem. I suspect that removing and resetting the windshieId is the only option. I also have a short stress crack running along the lower right hand corner. Decided to do nothing until I get around to replacing the windshield as it would probably make matters worse. In the meantime I taped around the existing windshield moulding with black Gorilla tape. Carefully overlapped and tapered it about 1/2" along the body and it is almost invisible from the ground. Used a surface cleaner first and the tape is holding the windshield in place better than the rubber moulding ever did when it was seated properly. I didn't go overboard with the tape to allow for flexibility. I'm very careful when usingy jacks. My jacks operate too abruptly. They jolt the coach when operated. Wonder how one could soften or modulate the jack movement?


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