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1999 HR Imperial house and chassis battery hookup


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Recently inherited a 1999 HR Imperial and I have no diagram or schematic to hookup house and chassis batteries (batteries were disconnected with no labeling as to what goes where). I’ve contacted Monaco and they did not have an Imperial wiring diagram on file, though they indicated a Monaco Windsor is representative of an Imperial.

Does anyone have a complete wiring diagram which would include house and chassis (roadmaster) battery connections? I have a total of (5) 2/0 gage cables in an empty battery compartment.

Thanks, Pete

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Hi Pete,

I have a 2000 Imperial. While I don't have the battery compartment schematic. I have attached the house & 50 amp wiring diagram should you need for future reference. If nobody else has a wiring diagram I'd be more than happy to send a picture of my battery compartment hookup. Let me know. 



Schematic 120VAC 50A w-inv - 38011035.pdf Schematic House 12V - 38011038.pdf

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Thanks Marc. I’m thinking I need to spend some time to tracing wires…after which I may take you up on the picture of your battery tray🙂.

I was successful in connecting the chassis batteries, (2 ) 12 volts batteries, in order to start and move the coach (2 cables: one went to starter, one went to chassis ground). Unsure of any other cables required for complete chassis connection?

Also, I’m concerned about the house battery connections, not to mention I still need to buy (4) 6 volt batteries….i was able to identify (+) and (-) cables coming from inverter, but similar to chassis battteries, not sure of any other cables required for complete house connection?

thanks again, Pete



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Glad you were able to come on board, lots of good people on the Monacoers group willing to help.

I did post a picture of my house battery battery set up on IRV2.  I believe the only other wire I have in my battery compartment is not actually hooked to the battery but is the temperature sensor.  It has a small black box attached to the end and is attached to the side of the battery in the middle of the 4 batteries.

If you are not actually going to use the coach to camp in while you fix it up you can put in either one 12 volt or two 6 volt batteries.  This will give you power to test your system and give you power for lights etc in the coach.  Then when your ready to start using the rig put in the four 6 volt batteries.

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