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Another reason....

96 EVO

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I prefer to do all the work on my coach that I'm capable of!

Just reading a thread on another forum where a member wanted his coach serviced before parking for the winter in AZ.

He took it to a Speedco, close to his winter site, and had grease job and several fluids changed.

They pumped 12 GAL of oil into his ISL 😮!

He said she ran a bit rough when he left 🤔! After several members of the forum informed him he had double the amount of oil he needed, he drained it all and did his own oil change!

He didn't appear to be terribly upset at Speedco, which makes me wonder who gave them the quantity 🤔.

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31 minutes ago, Craggar said:

Wow, I’m surprised that the tech didn’t know better. 

I imagine the "tech" changes oil in a lot more X-15's and ISX's, than he does ISL.

No excuse, you take on the job, if you don't know, you need to find out!

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I quit going to Speedco's years ago when they started changing ownership. The quality of the service went downhill from there.

I now take my coach to B&B Mechanical Service in Daytona Beach. They are a major bus fleet repair shop so they know exacting how to service my bus.

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