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Under storage door


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Visione RV have several 2003 & 2004 Endeavor's they are parting out.  https://rvparts.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/f/search.pl?

I'd get the measurements and contact them with what you need.  But it will be pricey.

What is wrong with the door you are trying to replace.  If it is just the sheet metal (skin) it can be replaced.  The door can be removed, then the upper hinge portion can be removed y drilling out the rivets and using a heavy putty knife to free it from the door.  The skin is attached to the frame with strong adhesive tape, use a sharp knife to separate.  Take the skin to a sheet metal shop and they can duplicate. 


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Need both wet bay doors for 2003 Camelot. Busted them up real bad as u can see in pictures. Located in Canada and wondering if there are wreckers in Canada?

Any other help would be appreciated



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