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Hold mah beer

Steven P

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Saw that on my Facebook feed this morning.  Takes all kinds.  I am just astonished at how many idiots there are hanging all kings of stuff off of the back of their RV's without any concern as to what their RV frames and axles (and load distribution) were designed for but then I see that in the commercial world as well (fork lifts etc. hanging off the ends of flatbed trailers).  I always cringe what I see large motorcycles hanging off the back of RV's.  Those frames weren't designed for those kinds of loads.  Getting away with it doesn't make it right.  We used a safety factor of 5 in the aerospace structural designs (flight hardware was different).  I guess it all depends how far you want to push the safety factor limits.  In the situation in the photo you have to know the axles are overloaded, or really pushing the limits, plus I wouldn't be surprised to see it 'tail wagging' all over the place due to the load distribution.  Once it starts there will be no stopping it.

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