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Intercomp Scales Model PT300 - Set of Four

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There are four scales. Each scale has 20,000 Lb capacity measured in 10 lb increments. Intercomp Scale Model PT300

Two scales work perfectly, they power up and are fully calibrated. They are portable and each scale is powered with 6 AA batteries. One scale needs to be re-calibrated. It powers up and displays plus it zeros out but it is not accurate for weight. It definitely needs to be re-calibrated. The fourth scale does not power up and most likely needs to be factory checked.

These are great for doing corner weights on RV's & motor-homes.

Pickup only!

$1000 or Make Offer.

Intersomp Scales-1.jpg

Intercomp Scales-2.jpg

Intercomp Scales-3.jpg

Intercomp Scales-4.jpg

Intercomp Scales-5.jpg

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