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2002 windsor blower motor replacement

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@Scotty Hutto, thank you for the instructions to change the heater blower motor in the dash. While on our adventure to Alaska last year the motor started screaming when we turned it on. So we returned home to PA in late September without using the heater, BRRR! Armed with your directions and suggestions from several others, we undertook the repair. My plan was to try to access it without taking out the entire lower part of the the dash. My first cut into the dash was at the top of the steps as another poster had suggested, NOPE! (I then realized that if I were to make holes under the dash to access the screws to remve the lower dash, I would have probably not been able to get the screws out as they were screwed in at a 45 degree angle.) All that was there was a massive amount of ductwork. After disconnecting the vents on the face of the dash we discovered that the blower motor was just below the right heater vent.So I cut another access panel below the seam of the dash. Then I coulld see the blower and take the lower screws out, but could not get to the upper screws. Then I proceeded to cut an access panel in the upper part of the dash!! But even with these cuts I could not get the motor and squirrel cage out because the cross braces where the dash is seamed would ot allow the squrrel cage to come completely out of the housing. Then I cut the supports for the seam. At that point I was able to get the blower unit out. After cutting the first hole and not having success, I decided I needed another strategy. I theorized that if I cut the vinyl under where the wood trim goes that I could put it back together and hide the openings that I made…so I proceeded! My upholstery skills and Ed’s woodworking skills bothcame in handy! Now we have a quiet blower motor and a place to store our log book- old school, pencil and paper.

The second pic is where the motor is located. The circled area is where I cut the brace that connects the upper and lower dash. For this project our multi tool was invaluable for making the cuts. That is my go to for precision cuts.


Next project is to replace the skylight in the shower and repair the rotted framework supporting it!!! MORE FUN




Procedure for replacing the blower motor on 2002 Windsor Replacing the blower motor on a Windsor, is not for the faint of heart or if you are in a hurry.  It took me several days to do the job.  The main problem is to remove the lower part of the dash on front of the passenger seat.  The lower section separates just above the wood trim. The wood trim strips are attached with screws from behind, but do not have to be removed. I first removed the center console; however this may not be necessary, but it is the way I did it because I could not figure out how the lower panel in front of the passenger seat was attached. To remove the center console, there are screws on the lower left and right side into the floor.  Remove the panel containing the radio and heater controls.  There are about 5 screws behind the radio panel that go down into the console.  There are also screws fastening the Trip Tek and alarm system that have to be removed. There are another 5 screws that go from the right side wall of the console into the lower panel in front of the driver’s seat. These must be removed in any case. The upper and lower sections of the dash are held together with 5 screws pointing upward that are nearly impossible get out.  The only way I could figure to get the screws out was to use a small hole saw to create a place for my screwdriver to go thru.  I bought a very thin right angle drill and a hole saw from Sears.  





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