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2005 Monaco Exec - Bed room slide not operating.

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My bedroom slide is not working properly. I will work on searching to see if i can find a fix. 

In the mean time. It starts to go out. Then about 3/4 of the way out the top of the slide stays in and the bottom keeps going. 

I am afraid to keep the button pushed any longer and it looks like its jamming up. But there is nothing on the top. Unless my Slide Topper is Broke holding it back is the only thing i can think of?

We are on the road so i guess we are sleeping with the bed IN tonight. 

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated. 

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Ok Update. Had the wife run the slide out while i was looking outside. Looks like my Topper is holding things up. And the Topper has a bit of ice on it. 

Yes we are leaving cold country headed south. And it did snow just 2 days ago. i think as it was thawing today water got into the topper. And while driving in Temps close to 25-30deg. It may have frozen the topper. 

Short of getting a Torch out. Going to see if it thaws out. 

Unless someone knows something else that could be the issue. 


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Ice on toppers is a showstopper! Do not try to force any slide closed with ice on top. Especially if you have the ? mark type arms as I did on our previous Windsor.

On a trip to Florida from California back in 2010, we stopped for one of our many overnights in a Texas city. We had a choice of parking under an abandoned service station canopy or out in the huge parking lot somewhere. Well, we made the wrong choice. It rained overnight then a cold front came through and froze all of the rain. Attempted to knock off the ice on the three toppers. Got it off on two of them but the large main slide up front had too much on top. I slowly ran the slide in until it was only 6-8 inches out then stopped. We traveled about 300 miles to San Antonio with the slide in that condition. I was able to keep a close eye on it using my side mirrors. When we got to San Antonio the outside temp was 36F. Stopped in a big shopping plaza and removed the balance of the ice on that slide and closed it completely. We then spent the next two nights in San Antonio with sub freezing weather and rolling blackouts. We didn't get to tour the city or River Walk areas at all. Have to go back sometime to visit.

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