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Vinyl Dye

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Back in the early 1990's, after i got out of the Air Force and moved back to AZ, i had a 1974 K-5 Blazer. The interior had a couple different colors from replacement parts over the years. The center console had embedded dirt, grease and who knows what else and looked horrible. So i cleaned it up real good and went to a auto parts store and bought two little spray bottles, like 1" x 4"s, that i remember as being called Vinyl Dye. Sprayed the center console and let it dry. That stuff lasted for years until i got rid of the Blazer. Went through hunting, a big Rottie climbing all over it, and daily wear and tear, and not so much as even a scratch through it.

Nowadays, cannot find anything remotely like it and it would sure be handy on a few projects in this Diplomat.

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