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Trailing arm bushing

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Friends. I live in Norway, own a Monaco Dynasty 40' 2005 S chassis. I am in need of trailing arm bushings and tag axle repair kit between brake bilg and slack adjusters ( fork, bushing and pin). Can anybody help with part numbers and suppliers?

Thor-Steinar Christensen. Bergen, Norway

Monaco Dynasty Bishop III 2005  Cummins ISL 400

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Here is a link to a trailing arm bushing, not sure if they ship overseas. 


In the downloads section there is a parts list that has a lot of different info, you find you tag axle parts there.  Do you know the manufacturer of the rear/tag axle, most parts are common to large trucks.  From my understanding Monaco bought the axles as an assembly and mounted them to the chassis.  There should be a tag on the axle which might give you enough info to hunt down a parts breakdown.  

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Hi. I have been to your beautiful city many times.

Look for a metal tag on the axle. It will have the information you need to order the parts.

I would try;

https://sourcerv.com/  Scott or Jim. The are engineers and worked at Monaco when your coach was built.

They know the Roadmaster chassis better than anyone in the USA.

Another is; https://josamusa.com/              Another is;  https://www.hendersonslineup.com/


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