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LG Sidekick install

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So I decided to install a washing machine, do not like the front loaders, had one and it leaked all over the place in older coach. Also did not want to give up a whole closet of space. So i seen this LG Sidekick at Sam’s club , figure i would try it, they have a 90 day return on appliances and for under $400 why not. Yes it is small, so i tried and washed 3 beach towels perfect, and then tried 2 sets of clothes again worked perfectly, 3 fleece puppy blankets also nice and clean with no vibration and can’t here it running ( mind i am a little hard of hearing 😉 ) 

i have NO affiliation with LG or Sam’s Club except a club member.

just wanted to document and give folks a option to a  smaller space saving washing  machine, 











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