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Final charge coolant with 06 ISL

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That seems to be what everybody is doing.  If you want to be thorough, drain the coolant, fill it with rainwater or distilled water, drive it several minutes or hours, drain the water and see how much sediment settles into the bottom of the container.  If there's too much, repeat.  If good, fill with a couple gallons of concentrate at least to mix with the left over water. 

The differences between the old SCA coolant and the new OAT type is OAT is easier on aluminum and provides longer protection,  and SCA is easier on copper radiators and protects better while it is maintained.  

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Here is a link to the Fleetguard coolant webinar training video from February 2024. Well worth the 1 hour of time. Being a heavy equipment mechanic for 40 plus years I still learned and had several questions answered. FYI they just had one on oil and filtration, also worth the time.

Training | Fleetguard


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