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Blown fuse red lights all over the place

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In my 2003 Signature Centurion, I have two fuse boxes outside (in engine bay & street side in front of front tire). I have an inside fuse box in my closet and I have 2 breaker boxes in my bedroom. The two outside fuse boxes have multiple and sometimes a whole banks or sets of fuses with red lights on. I checked the fuses and they are all good. This does not happen when the generator is on. It only happens if the engine is running.

I have NOT checked with both the generator running and the engine on. Nor have I tried it with shore power.

IMG_2361.thumb.jpeg.2b41503844c7d712500b992ea47717ff.jpegIMG_2372.thumb.jpeg.bf4a71036b58df51f3c298e508aa5aaf.jpegIMG_2372.thumb.jpeg.bf4a71036b58df51f3c298e508aa5aaf.jpegIMG_2371.thumb.jpeg.25003f01e40b0721b4b3e40d1c4566b1.jpegIMG_2368.thumb.jpeg.28cf710026d96183d67fd8cd2ea217b9.jpegIMG_2367.thumb.jpeg.9d998ca1eeedaed6b04bcfaa99841231.jpegIMG_2372.thumb.jpeg.bf4a71036b58df51f3c298e508aa5aaf.jpegIMG_2367.thumb.jpeg.9d998ca1eeedaed6b04bcfaa99841231.jpegIMG_2361.thumb.jpeg.2b41503844c7d712500b992ea47717ff.jpegIs this normal and if not what would cause this?



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Those are indicator LED lights that are only powered when the ignition key is on. 

The color means nothing special.  Monaco used alternating colors to make it a bit easier to see which LED went with which description and to add to the "WOW" factor when opening up those boxes. 

For someone troubleshooting a circuit, the LEDs would show if the circuit and switches inside the coach are working without needing a voltmeter. If the LED is lit, the fuse is good and circuit is getting power.  Same for when a switch is activated, a LED light will come on showing that the switch is being pressed.  If a relay is supposed to energize, there will be a LED light on the relay coil and another LED on the output wire.  So if you know how to read a schematic, you can troubleshoot a circuit by just looking at which LEDs light up.

All those LEDs are shown in the wiring diagram board schematics.

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Whew!!! I never noticed. I started looking for my fog light fuse (which I found) because they did not work. When I opened the fuse bay door, I thought it was Christmas!  Everything was working (except lights and steps) but no fuses were blown. I thought something serious was wrong. Well now to get my fog lights and Kwikee steps project. At least its not a fuse!

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You're not the first to be surprised by all those lights.

Often when trying to help someone troubleshoot a problem, I'll ask them to take a picture (with the ignition ON) of a certain board as they press and release a switch inside the coach.  That pretty much would tell me what has failed without voltage readings.

I'm glad those Intellitec boards were basically designed with self diagnostic LEDs on them.

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