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ABS - ATC Switch Above Engine Diagnostic Switch

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In my owners manual I havent found any info on the little circular on/off switch above my engine diagnostic button.  Does anyone have any info on this? 

Will having the switch down turn off the power to the ABS and ATC?  When I hook up my computer to the motorhome I only see the Cummins engine and Allison transmission. 

How do I get fault codes from the switch?  


ABS - ATC Diagnostics.pdf

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I thought the ABS has its own diagnostic board with a button on it for retrieving the codes. It takes two people, one pushing the button when needed and the other reading the number of flashes from the ABS.

There should be instructions in your Manual or ABS Manual on how to retrieve codes for ABS.

AFAIK there are no codes for ATC. When using the ATC switch it temporarily locks the rear drive wheels together to hopefully get you out of a soft hole. It worked for me on my Windsor when I got it stuck in the rear alleyway which had a very soft sandy area.

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