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2003 Dynasty, Roadside Front Slide Adjustment

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We have just noticed our living room side (with kitchen sink and couch) has a small gap at the top corner when out.  We've pulled the slide in repeatedly to see if it would self-correct (of course at ride height, air bag suspension only).  The slide fits correctly in the other corners, no gaps. It goes in and out without any drag.  The slide lock covers have been periodically removed, slide cables cleaned and lubed.  We know there is no floor rot or other water issue.  Also, there is nothing wedged to prevent the correct seal.  We haven't checked the hydraulic reservoir under the stairwell yet but will. Of course we're leaving Florida next week so a visit to Talen RV or Lazy Daze in Wildwood is out.  Due to the complicated nature of the slide adjustment, we wouldn't want to tackle this job unless we had exact knowledge.  In case this issue gets worse or there becomes an urgent need, is there any repair facility you have found north of Florida and east of the Mississippi that you would feel comfortable taking this slide adjustment issue?

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