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I inherited a 2002 Monaco Knight.  One of the items I needed to fix was a piece of the interior bedroom slide trim that had come partially detached from the slide out.  I searched this forum but could not see any information on how to detach it from the slide.  I figured it out and thought I would share my experience.


In the center of my faux wood trim is a strip of fabric filled with light batting.  There are no signs of attachment.  Turns out that if you carefully pry between the faux wood and the fabric you can remove the fabric.  It is finish nailed through the fabric and a backer board and into the faux wood (pressboard).  After removing the fabric strip I found that Monaco had counter sunk the screws holding the faux wood trim to the slide out and the screws had pulled through the pressboard.


The solution for me was to remove all the original screws and install all new washer headed screws in the areas which still had good pressboard.  I did not counter sink the wood in order to give the screws the most strength.


I noticed and still have to fix the faux wood at the bottom since Monaco cut it off flush with the raised floor and this created a gap from the raised floor (slide floor) to the coach which is not sealed.






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