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Wholesale solar panels for sale: All new

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Hi all!!! I have 4 pallets of panels I need to get rid of to make space in my shop. This forum holds a special place in my heart. Since joining a few years ago I have made some great friends and one person I consider family. Full disclosure: I reached out to one of our great Moderators in order to obtain permission to list said solar panels since I am an upfitter and own a RV repair/detail shop, otherwise known as "the competition"  and would totally feel dirty, had I not. That being said, I need the floorspace, yesterday! These panels are NEW, about a year old and have always been stored indoors in my shop. Here is the caveat: They are all black framed panels that were not protected while minding their own business, sitting off to the side and have had items leaned up against them that have caused minor imperfections... That being said, some have minor scratches on the side/sides, and others are may just have a single scratch while others may have no issues at all. The glass is 100% perfect with ZERO defects, but the black paint has imperfections that I cannot sell/install on high end coaches, so, I would like to help my fellow Monacoers if you so choose. 


All of the panels are wholesale pricing.

I have the following panels still available:

120 Phono 400 Watt panels $80/each ***This is wholesale pricing, retail is $130/each*** 

14   Star Solar 440 Watt panel $100.00/each

14   Solar 4 America 410 Watts 

31   Aptos 370 Watt panel $75/each

2     Axitec 360 Watt panels $75/each

5     Axitec 290 Watt panel $60/each

Here are some pics of the scratches as well as the specs for the panels:


These are at my warehouse south of Orlando, Florida. Panels are not heavy, 40-47 lbs but are large (36" x 60 to 45" x 68" for the Phono 400 watt panels. I can ship via any carrier, if needed. Local pickup is the preferred method, but will do whatever is needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by DM (Direct Message) me. 



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Hi Bob, just FWIW- I have a customer from Cumming, Ga coming down to pick some up, he is a long time friend and would gladly bring back a few panels if that would help you out, at no charge. If I can be of assistance, please let me know!



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