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2005 Imperial left front slide

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I have a 2005 Holiday Rambler Imperial, my left living room slide has a shear bolt broken and the other is loose.

I'm not certain of the purpose for these bolts NOR the torque or adjustment needed.

I'm currently boondocking and I'm several hundred miles from any repair location.  Is there a risk to me closing the slide with the loose AND missing (broken) bolt? 


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I have a Power Gear Manual I downloaded off the internet, it has several different types of slides shown but I think I found the page with your slide.  See attached.

Only way to really tell what is going going on is to look up from the basement compartment, if there is ceiling attached you'll have to remove.  In my case there are a hand full of screws holding the ceiling up, just have to find the heads and remove. 

From the picture it looks like a cover plate, not sure if it is structural or helps alignment or not. 

PowerGearSlides-ServiceManual Page 38.pdf

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Hey Jim, thanks for Service Manual on the slide.  I hate to ask this of you but do you mind sending the service manual for the opposite slide?  If you can, that would be great!

Happy Memorial Day. 

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First..THANK YOU ALL for your time and support during this holiday.  So appreciated.  

Thanks to Jim and the specs, I'm able to find the correct bolt dimensions.

Hopefully someone can share the exact depth or adjustment that is required for the bolt to function properly to meet the stop specification. 

Since we're boondocking, we need to travel roughly 120 miles so I can repair.  Does anyone know if there is any risk to bringing in slide and is there any precautions I should take to travel safely with one bolt missing?



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Posted (edited)

Had you been having any trouble with the slide prior to finding this, binding or jumping was it went in/out?  I looked closer at both pictures and it looks like there is damage to the back rack and extension shaft compared to the front one.  Almost looks like there is damage to the extension shaft and the teeth look worth. 

If you have concerns you can bring the slide in manually but it takes a large wrench & cheater bar and brute force to get it to move.  You would have to release the electric brake, there is lever on the end of the motor that you move to release the brake, but to be sure to lock it back when you get it in otherwise the slide and move out while your driving (ask me how I know)!

To me this looks like a cover plate.  It doesn't look like it does much else.  I don't see any rollers or glides or wear pieces.

Can you see behind it, is there anything interfering with the rail going in/out?   If not try moving the slide in slowly and listen for any noises or signs it is in a bind. 

If you can get the slide in then don't move it until you have access to some tools and can remove the plant and the broken bolt and do a good inspection of the slide system 

@throgmartin is the go to person for this.  Hopefully he will respond. 

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I adjusted mine so the slide stops without putting too much pressure on the slide flange. You could put some grease on the bolts head to see how it seats. You could also measure the length on the other slide bolt. I think it is more of an adjustment to fit your particular situation. Making sure it closes square from end to the other. Good luck .

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Thanks to everyone for the help, I remover broken stud and replaced with new grade 5 bolts.

Have and appointment with REV of Coburg OR. tuesday morning for slide maint.

New to coach so may learn something about slide alinement, both drive side slides are very slow.

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