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A.C. duct blockage

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I thought I'd share something I discovered Sunday.  My front rooftop A.C.  was dripping condensation in the coach so I pulled the inside cover off while running to tighten the 4 bolts.  On either side of the squirrel fan, there was a large amount of one of the interior layers of insulation being pulled/blown into the H ducts blocking at least 80% of the air flow going to the small round registers.  I tore off the insulation and could quickly notice more air coming thru the registers.  I've had that cover off several times, but never when running and never noticed that blockage.  The insulation is pliable enough to fall down w the A.C. not running.  The bedroom a.c. was about 75% blocked on one duct and 25% on the other.  I wish I had pics, but my phone crashed before that.   Looking forward to testing in the heat soon.  

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My bedroom AC unit was acting up recently. It would initially put out cold air, but after a few minutes the air turned lukewarm. The DW was not pleased and as she has tended to do, demanded I take the coach to a repair shop. Well, I’m not doing that. 
I noticed no condensation dripping from the outside AC drain line. It must be blocked. I snaked the drain line under the coach without success. Then I opened the inside vent and could visibly see the plastic drain line. I squeezed it all along it’s length by hand, while the unit was running. I could see mold was inside the drain line. Very shortly thereafter, water was draining on the ground from the outside drain line. Easy fix. 
Later I removed all three AC shrouds and poured a mixture of bleach and water into all the drains.  Then ran the ACs to drain it out.  All seems good now  


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