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I installed the Fass fuel pump using the kit from Ultra RV Products. It’s the UP95G - Heavy Duty Lift Pump for Cummins ISB / ISC / ISL CAPS Fuel System. The link to the page is: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/UP95G-Heavy-Duty-Lift-Pump-for-Cummins-ISC-ISL-CAPS-Fuel-System

The kit comes with the wiring harness and a relay set up to be plugged in to the old lift pump wiring harness (to keep the ECM Happy). I capped the original fuel lines for now and will remove them and cap the inlets at the old lift pump.

This kit uses the original fuel return lines. No need for another dedicated return line. Took about 5 hours (had to run an ignition signal wire, hardest part of job).

Installation photos:

Pump installed:



New fuel line from primary filter to Fass Inlet



Fass pump Mounted at rear of coach with pressure gauge  and new fuel line to secondary filter



Routed new line along same route as original fuel line



New fuel line from Fass (right side of filter) to Secondary fuel filter


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