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I had her washed yesterday and I waxed the roof this morning. Not bad looking for an old girl. I’ve waxed the roof every year, but this might be my last. I’m beat. I suppose a cooler day with clouds would help.


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I washed my Monarch yesterday starting with the roof.  It was 107 here and it took me 3 hours to get er done. I would have waited for a nicer day bur I just bought an 02 HR Imperial 36PBD and I want to get the Monarch sold. The only way I could do it in that heat was to keep wetting my hat and t-shirt. Yes it is rewarding to stand back and look at it when you're all done.

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40 minutes ago, house2go said:

a lot of work but worth the reward looks good   what is your wax preference 

Thanks. I’ve used a few products over the years, but nothing works as well as this. I can go a year without the roof chalking and leaving stains down the sides of the coach. 

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2 minutes ago, Paul J A said:

https://washwax.com/  works well too. Not for the roof. Been using it on all our vehicles for over 25 years.

They also have a ceramic product that is very easy to apply.

No annual touch up. Have had it on 2 of our vehicles 20 months and still is effective.

I am also a big fan of Wash Wax All. I've been using it for years on all my vehicles. I really like it for glass as well.

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