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Will this work for the podium brake light?

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Our 2006 Diplomat has an LED podium brake light centered just above the radiator doors. About 70% of the LED's are not working and I am considering replacing it. Before I order the replacement shown in the link below thought I would get some feedback from the group just in case someone knows if the one in the link is a suitable replacement.



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4 hours ago, Dennis H said:

Bob, you might want to check this one out. It's supposed to be an exact replacement, but I'd check the precise size of yours against theirs. The good thing is it's from Amazon so it can be returned if it doesn't fit.....Dennis

Third Brake Light Replacement

Thanks Dennis, that looks like it will work and cheaper than the other one.


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Bob, just replaced mine today and got it from Veurink's RV  and it was perfect fit.  They were a little higher than the others but I was concerned with exact screw hole placement.  The  light number was #190005, the bad news was the rusty screw that broke off short and getting it out.  It was worth the work for as it is a fully functioning  brakelight again.



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