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For Monacoers North Plomosa Rd site, Ron Farrar will be arriving on Jan 15 or 16, I'll be arriving on Jan 17.   Ron's email is ron at allphasecircuits dotcom.  Mine is waterskier1 at gmail dot com.  I'll try and have a sign "Monacoers" at the turnoff of Plomosa Rd, but if you go past Mile Marker 4, you went too far.

Here is a link to Google Maps of the location.  Hope the link works.

 'Rick N

2005 Exec, DD Series 60

2014 JGC Overland Diesel 

Colorado Springs, CO 

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Warren B.

Yes, these are two different groups.  The one Jim and I are talking about, and the one the OP asked about is the Monacoer Group (named after B. D's Monacoers Yahoo Group).  The group you posted about a different internet forum group; iRV2.   As you acknowledged, in your original post, it is an iRV2 group for Monaco Owners.  That said, there are likely many many (50-100's) other groups whose owners have or used to have Monaco coaches there during the RV Show.  There are expected to be 150, 000 people at Quartzsite during the RV Show that runs Jan 18 - Jan 26, 2020.

  -Rick N.

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