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ATT Mobley Account Access

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My mistake for not setting up Autopay for my ATT Mobley.

I got my notice on Aug 8th as usual and tried to log in to schedule payment.  ATT has now gone to a 2 step authentication method, whereby they send a code to the phone number on account.  Problem is the phone number is for the Mobley device and they send it to there but the device does not receive.  Hence I can't log into my account.

I did do a phone payment to get my account settled.  I've tried to log in several times without success.  I have now talked to about 10 different ATT customer service reps (an I use that term lightly) with no success to date.  They have had me try and sending me a code to access my account and it does not work.    I have posted this on IRV2 and there are others having the same problem and no one has provided a solution. 

Anyone have any suggestions. 

Jim J

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I am on auto-pay luckily but I also attempted to log into my account late last week and got the same two step authorization where they want to send a code to my Mobley number.

I spent almost two hours on the phone waiting and then discussing the problem with the service rep. He also suggested to send a code to the Mobley device but it never showed up under the messages tab in the firmware program.

So he setup a service ticket for someone to address the problem which I have a claim number to reference and said that someone will be working on the problem starting last Monday. Needless to say I have not received any response as they have my email to communicate with me. He did say that they may have to nuke my on-line account and start over with the two step authentication going to my email versus my phone number.

I don't understand why they can't use my Sprint mobile number to reference but he claims that it would have to be an AT&T mobile number. Obviously, their programmers are NOT the sharpest knives in the kitchen.

Jim, I need help with a completely different problem with my coach but I will send you a PEM to see if you can help.

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The set up a service ticket for me on Aug 10th, and said I would have a call back within in 4 days,  Have yet to receive a call. 

You are correct in that ATT customer service isn't hitting on all cylinders (maybe 1 of 8).  Very frustrating. 

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OK, now were cooking with gas!

Been on the phone for ~2 hours with + 6 more customer none service reps.  This doesn't include the other times I been on the phone with other reps.

On whim I decided to use a different browser to try and log in, since I had never used this browser before it didn't recognize my IP address or cookies.  So I went through the Login process and it actually registered at which point I had to set up new security questions etc.  I was able to go into my profile and input my new phone number etc.  It will not let me set up this Sprint number to send pass code to, it has to be an ATT line.  CRAZY. 

So I can log in using the different browser for now. 

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I did as you suggested and tried a different browser. I have always used Firefox for my main browser but I tried the one that came with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge.

I got in without having to receive a code by text.

I logged back out of the Microsoft Edge browser and then tried the Firefox browser and I was able to get right in.

Now I am wondering if they have taken care of the problem for people who only have a Mobley account and gotten rid of the 2 step authentication for those accounts?

I really only wanted to see how many Gig's of data I had used last month as most of the time we don't use it very much when we are home in Florida as we then use the Spectrum Internet.  But now we are up north at my brother's farm in the Finger Lakes region for a few months. So between my wife & I we used 172 Gig's of data for the last billing month. We have already used 47 Gig's of data since the beginning of the billing cycle which runs roughly form the 12th to the 11th. There are 24 days left in this billing cycle. My wife has her Thai TV on almost constantly so she does a lot of streaming.

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