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Thetford Toilet leaking

Jeff H

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Good Morning

I have a Thetford toilet (porcelain base with a foot pedal) that is leaking.  It is not a large amount of water and seems to be clean. 

I pulled the plastic cover around the base back and it seems to be coming from the bowl.  There is water built up in cavities in the base.  The connections seem tight.  there is water at the red arrow it then drips into the cavities below the blue arrow, then overflows or gets jostled out and ends up on the floor.

Is there a connection in the bowl somewhere?



A Little further investigation it appears there is water spraying out of the back of the bowl near the top.  There are some hoses right there so I think one has sprung a leak o ra connection is bad. 

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Hi Jeff,

If your toilet is like mine, the water supply hose PUSHES into the back of the toilet. You may want to push in on this and wiggle it around a little and see if that helps. You also want to tighten the band that attaches the bowl to the base, but do not be a gorilla in the tightening (firmly but do not overdo it).

Bob Dinsmore

2000 Diplomat

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My '98 Dynasty toilet (not sure if it's Thetford) has an attached sprayer that connects into a vacuum breaker in the rear.  The vacuum breaker was cracked and leaked.  Fortunately, Camping World had that exact vacuum breaker in stock...it was an easy replacement.  Not sure if that's where yours is leaking; doesn't look like it.


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Hi all

With a  little more dissasembly I have discovered it is a Thetford Style PLus Mod 34425.  Still can't see where the water is coming from.  I am going to try a local RV store we saw yesterday to see if they have any parts before I tear it apart.

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