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  1. I believe that is the vacuum generator. The one on my 07 Neptune is a little different but in same location.
  2. You will like it!! I had one before the Banks kit I have.
  3. It took a pretty good while for the gauge to register IIRC. A diesel runs so cool that it will take awhile. I have a Banks kit with readout that shows the coolant temp digitally so it's pretty easy to tell its rising from the get go. A Scanguage is a cheap investment I would recommend to you and you'll have the same readout as I have. It sounds like you are fine just waiting on the Guage to register is you're issue.
  4. Hey Mark, I have the same engine in my 07 Neptune. There should be a little vent knob you turn right above the expansion tank, that is the vent. My understanding you're supposed to have that open as you fill the tank. I did this a few years ago when changing my AF out and seemed to work fine.
  5. Hi Bob, I bought and installed the REK about 7-8 years ago. Was a fairly easy install, instructions were pretty thorough. It makes a big difference in the ride quality. I highly recommend the kit. The coach should have came this way from the factory but I'm sure the $$ prevented Monaco from doing it. I've done quite a bit to my chassis for better ride and handling. If you need assistance I'd be glad to help anyway I can.
  6. Ed I believe the Monaco Knight is the sister coach to your Ambassador. Chad
  7. Tom, I had a very similar issue last summer on my Neptune Allison transmission. Mine is the 2500 tranny but I'm sure very similar plugs and such. Long story short, tech at Tom Johnson in Marion concluded we had connectors at the transmission had gotten water in them and caused erratic things. Ours went crazy half way down Black Mountain and came down the rest of the way with no exhaust brake (scary). We had driven through a frog choker earlier through the Great Smoky Mountains to about Asheville and after that she went crazy. We limped into Tom Johnson on Saturday evening. By Monday morning co
  8. About a year ago I bought new AGM batteries for my 07 Neptune. On the recommendation of Bill G "hotrod" I went with the Duracell AGM batteries from Sam's. So far I've been happy with them. Recently I've noticed the Lithium Ion batteries have come down in price and almost wish I'd have waited and gone that route. Chad Y
  9. Chris, glad to see you're still lurking around here! I surely hope you are enjoying semi-retirement and truly getting away from the business at least some. If you recall I'd asked you a couple years ago about this same issue. You put me in touch with the guy (sorry I can't recall his name) that pioneered the larger wire to the awning fix. I emailed him to get the wire size and such that he ran. He promptly responded and was very helpful. I too ran the larger wires (IIRC the new wires were 8 gauge) and they made a huge difference. After I got the free motor replacement when my singl
  10. Hey Joe, that's about what I paid for my Viofo unit. I've got it in my hand, just haven't had time to install it yet. Covered up with work and no time for play. Gonna make time soon, tired of working. I considered a cheaper unit from the start but decided to spend a few more dollars and hopefully get a trusty, better unit. YouTube videos really helped with the decision. Chad
  11. I replied a day or so ago but it never posted for whatever reason?? I removed the central vac from my 07 Neptune a few years ago. I think it was the Dirt Devil model. Not sure I ever even used it. It's yours if you want it, just let me know. Chad
  12. Thanks Jim, I was thinking maybe mounting somehow underneath the TV pod instead of attaching to the windshield. Didn't know if that would cause a glare or something being it wasn't right at the windshield. I may experiment and see what works without cluttering up the dash. Chad
  13. Jim, thanks for the update. Glad you are impressed with the quality of video. I've been looking ocassionally at them on eBay hoping for a good deal. Been covered up with work lately just haven't gotten around to ordering one yet. I may try to go ahead and order one tomorrow. Of all the different YouTube videos I've seen and reading different reviews, the Viofo seems to be about the best product for that price point. How did you mount the unit and wire it in? Was curious how others were mounting them. Thanks again Chad
  14. Good deal Johnfr. I had the exact same situation. That should fix you up. Good luck on the swap out! Chad
  15. Johnfr, my understanding is the Trombetta relay you took the pic of is not making a connection. When the engine batteries reach a certain charge level the Trombetta closes and attaches both banks together. The older Trombetta relays are known to be copper and get a green gunk inside of them that keeps them from making a connection. You can drill the rivets out and clean the insides of it and bolt it back together and reuse it. Or, as I did, I ordered the silver plated version (same item number as the copper but the last 3 digits are 020 instead if 010) and simply swap it out. I ha
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