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2006 Executive HWH Slide Trim Removal

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2006 Executive, I need, or want, to access the hydraulic adjustments on my raised floor slides. I was previously told the vertical trim was held on by industrial grade Velcro. It may be, however mine is not budging and I don't want to break it. Has anyone had to remove theirs?

Slide Trim.jpg

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Sorry for the late reply! On the bedroom slide there was a nut that came off of the adjustment. It is a lock nut so not something that is causing a problem. I can see where the nut goes with a mirror but no way to get to it without removing the trim.

The bedroom slides do not need much, if any adjustment, however my PS kitchen galley slide needs to be adjusted vertically up. I believe they are both Lateral Arm slides and by HWH adjustment instructions it should go back to the manufacturer. I would like to remove the trim on both slides to look at the adjustment.

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