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Aqua Hot electric heating elements


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I own a 2009 Dynasty that I bought new in 2008.  My dual Aqua Hot electric heating elements probably have many hundred hours of on time over the past 12 years and I am wondering if these elements ever deterioriate similar to what happens in a residential electric water heater.  Has anyone ever had to replace their elements?  How many years do they typically last?  Is this that the technician should be checking the next time I have the Aqua Hot serviced?

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I have a 2003 Beaver that I have replaced element once. Mine only has one. Not a hard job but you do have drain the tank down some. I'm pretty sure mine was damaged when the park we were in had some electrical problems because a lot of people with park models there lost there water heaters. They aren't going to corrode because they are in the tank fluid. 

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