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Dishwasher failure - making ratcheting noise. Fisher & Paykel DD24


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I have a "Drawer" style dishwasher in my 2005 Beaver. I have owned the coach for two years now but never tried the dishwasher. So testing it was on my punch list.

I tried to run it the other day and it doesn't work. It make a ratcheting  sound (like plastic gears slipping). Then it just beeps continuously.

The manual says to call for Service. I dont  want to have pay service tech to come out for a dishwasher that is really not needed - but if its something i can fix myself, then I'll try.

Has anyone else had this malfunction? If so, what was the cause?

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Mine makes this high-pitched squawking noise a lot, unless I take her shopping  (This is so gonna hurt if she sees it, but I couldn't resist).

Seriously tho, in the last 2 houses I bought, both dishwashers (the electric kind, that is) made similar noises.  Take it apart and see if you can find a jammed gear/similar.  Can you get a service manual ?   On both of mine, the motor shafts had basically 'glued' themselves to the bearings/seals due to age/rust and disuse.  I was able to soften one up but it still grinded and made noise.  The other needed all new internals including pump housing (shoulda thrown it away).


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16 hours ago, CountryB said:

I found the service manual. Here https://www.rvtechlibrary.com/appliances/dishwasher_service.pdf

If I can get it apart, I can probably fix it (can't make it worse).   The dishwasher is a model DS603i.'


Like you say what do you have to loose. If you can't fix it then you can always remove it and get some cabinet doors made and have extra storage.


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Thanks to the Internet and YouTube, there is enough info on fixing this problem (F2 error). 

I ordered the "rotor" assembly, a colon failure point on these dishwashers. It cost $100.

Easy to remove. No major disassembly required.

Dishwasher Rotor.JPG

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