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Which Dicor?

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I plan to order some Dicor sealant for the first time.  I’ve read so often advice to use it for various sealing projects.  But when I looked for it on Amazon I found out there are at least two products under the Dicor name, 501LSx and 551LSx where “x” apparently designates the color. 

From the Dicor website it appears 501LSx is self leveling and 551LSx is not.  How do I determine which I need.  I’m sure it depends on the project.  First up is sealing such roof items as vent covers, antenna attach points and other general items on the roof.  I’m hoping for some guidance on my choice.

Also, what other sealants are useful on RV’s.  Can someone educate me on the subject?

‘05 HR Ambassador 

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4 hours ago, Chuck B said:

The only sealant I would use on my coach roof is eternabond, a tape type sealant.  Once you put it on, it will not come off.

I use Eternabond but it’s not appropriate for everything.  I need to know about liquid sealants.

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