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02 dynasty will not start

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When i attempt to start my Dynasty the warning lights on the left side of the dash do not come on and the engine will not crank. The batteries are at full charge and all solenoids are working properly. With the ignition switch in the run position i can jump the terminals on the starter solenoid and the engine cranks but does not start.

It seems that the start electrical circuit is not being powered. I have the wiring diagrams but i cannot determine if there is a fuse or relay or where the current goes after it leaves the battery.

We are ready to go on a trip so i would like to solve the problem. If any one knows what to look for in checking out the start circuit please call me at 775-853-3344

Joe Klasch  

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Not even from the rear start switch? Does the ignition ON allow for dash blower to run? I have a different coach so just a wild guess at zooming at the issue. I have an ignition solenoid in FRB that looks just like the salesman switch and was just as intermittent at one time.

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