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Where are Aladdin temperature sensors in the coach (2005 HR Scepter)

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Where are the temperature sensors (I assume thermistors) located in a 2005 HR Scepter or 2005 Camelot?  Mine show -31 degrees or so on the Aladdin, so I assume they are disconnected, shorted or non-existent, or the Aladdin is broken..

Dave Jones  2005 HR Scepter

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Tim, the Manabloc is where all your water lines come together, sort of a distribution center for all your coach's water supply. I've attached a picture. Mine is inside a stainless structure within that cabinet. Hope this helps. If you need more info, just ask.......Dennis



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27 minutes ago, granvillebarker said:

My temp sensors are with a bunch of Aladdin circuit boards in the top of the big bay on the drivers side of the coach.

LOL So, like many things Monaco, the sensors are located wherever that particular Monaco technician decided to put them at the time he was installing them on your coach. Correct answer is: they could be anywhere.....Dennis

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