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Please help me unfollow threads.


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For some reason I am automatically "following" every thread I read.   This results in receiving a notification every time anybody posts on any thread I may have read.


Is there anyway to tell the site that I only want to follow threads that I reply to or create?     


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Click on your name, 'upper right corner' then, from the drop down menu, select "Manage Followed Content" under settings. Click to your hearts desire. Another method is if you receive a notification, there is a clicky at the bottom that allows you to unfollow that particular thread. Another method is to click on the "Bell" icon. When that opens, you'll see a "Notification Settings" clicky in blue letters. Click on that and follow the directions. Finally, on each post that you open, you'll see a box that allows you to follow or unfollow that particular post. It's located on the right side of the header page. Hope this helps.......Dennis

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