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Air Leveling System (Quirks)

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"They" say, (I've been told, "they" are two nuns from Poughkeepsie) we can learn new things every day. I learned something new today that may help someone else. Then again, maybe everyone knows and I'm the only one who didn't. Anyway, I went to the coach yesterday and found it leaning a bit to one side. The weather changed from 90 degrees to 60 so I figured the change in temps caused the bags to deflate a bit. I attempted to level the coach using the keypad. Turned on the key, pushed the button and it lit up but nothing happened. After playing with it a bit I started the engine and aired everything up into travel mode figuring I'd tackle the gremlin later. While on a walk, it dawned on me that I had turned off the house batteries when I put it in storage. Didn't think anything of that since the dash lit up but I thought I'd check it out. Turned on the house batteries, pushed the button and bingo! coach started leveling. Kinda weird but apparently the dash pad is powered by the chassis batteries but the leveler solenoids are powered by the house batteries. Thought I'd post this here in the event someone else experiences the same thing and doesn't call a tech to come out to troubleshoot.....Dennis

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Thanks! I will have to check this out once we are back in Flagler Beach for the winter. Since 99.99% of the time both the House and Chassis main battery disconnect switches are always turned on I will have to test to see exactly how my Windsor reacts.

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