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Email Notifications?


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I receive the Daily Digest but I do not receive an email when there is a post by anyone or when someone comments on a post. If I post a topic and someone replies to my post, I do receive an email with that reply. Is there a way to get an email notification on all posts & comments even if I am not a part of that post?

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Click on your name...upper right hand corner. On the drop down menu, click on Account Settings. On the next drop down menu, (right side) click on Manage Notification Settings. Click on however you want to be notified, how often and what content.....hope this helps...Dennis




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10 hours ago, Diane M. said:


 All my setting are checked both email and notifications and automatically follow and Method is a notification when new content is posted.

Is there something else I need to check?



Diane, follow the above directions but when you get to the last page, scroll down to the bottom and make sure both boxes are checked. If they aren't, check the bottom box and you should get another pop up asking you to Allow or Don't Allow. Click allow and you should be good.  If both boxes are checked, uncheck one and log out. Log back in and scroll back to that page and recheck the box. The pop up box should appear asking you if you're sure you want to be notified.  Check allow and you should be good.....Dennis



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