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ARP Fridge Defend System Available


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I recently upgraded to a residential refrigerator.  In January of this year at Quartzsite I had an ARP Fridge Defend system installed on the Norcold 1210 refrigerator which was in my motorhome at the time.  Worked ok, I guess, I had no fires.  Because of the residential upgrade that system is now sitting in a box in my garage.  It consists of an electronic control unit, a fan, and some wires with connectors.  See  https://www.arprv.com/products.php  for details.  I have a version 4.  In the hope this will be of benefit to some fellow Norcold owner, I will give it away (free) to the first person who contacts me.  The only thing I ask is that you reimburse me for the postage via Paypal prior to shipment (the USPS has a flat rate box for about $10).  Shipment only with in the U.S.A.


07 Cayman

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