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Fog lights


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I know this has been addressed before and I apologize for asking but I can’t find the answer.

I want to get my fog lights to work without the headlights being on.

I think a relay had to be jumped or a wire swapped in the front relay bay of my ‘99 Windsor.

I’d really appreciate any help someone could offer.



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Here are the photos of the specific Fog Light Control Relay socket. Even though the socket has five positions only four are used with contacts inside each of the four. If you have trouble finding the right socket look for one that has a four position relay in it. The center position is NOT used. There are other relays in my FRB Electrical Panel, one for the Alt Fail relay, one for the DRL relay and another which I have yet to identify.

Fred White (RIP) was the one that came up with this Fog Light control bypass for this relay socket. I give him all the credit. I've had mine bypassed for years now and actually I now use those lights for my DRL lights. The dash switch is on all the time so when I turn the ignition switch on my LED Fog Lights will come on.

The jumper is obviously connecting the two orange wires together. The Red and White wires are used to activate the coil of the relay and close the switch for the orange wires.

Sorry about the improper orientation of the 2nd and 3rd photos as this site changes that parameter when uploaded as they had the correct orientation on my Laptop. Obviously this site only likes photos taken horizontally versus vertically.


FRB Electrical Panel.jpg

Fog Light Control Relay-1.jpg

Fog Light Control Relay-2.jpg

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I would remove the Fog Light relay, take a photo and make a paper diagram of the wires and connections. Then disconnect the wires. Jumper the ones that go between the two contacts labeled 87 & 30. The others are used to power the coil inside the relay to close the switch. They should be contacts 85 & 86. If the 5th contact is used I have no idea what it would be.

Make up a jumper and connect it. Then turn on your ignition key and flip the Fog Light Switch to on. Verify that the lights do come on.

Tape off the balance of the wires separately and zip-tie them in a safe location so they cannot short out anything.

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