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Two Item's For Sale by Previous Monaco WIndsor Owner

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Hughes RV220-50 amp. Autoformer.  Factory tested/fixed and returned.  In the shipping box and packaging as returned to me 11/13/2020  $295.00

Leece-Neville 160 amp alternator out of my 2002 Windsor.  Rebuilt and carried in the storage bay for 8 years and never used.  $250.00

Call for details:  541-621-6295

Rich Oliveria

(note: I am posting this information for a previous member who owned a 2002 Monaco Windsor)

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Hello Richard, The reason I was looking at the Hughes RV 220-50SP. Because it also had a surge protector Built into it. I’ve debated this issue for years reading different post some say I need additional protection and some say I don’t. My transfer switch/surge protector is model number surge guard 40250. 

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Kevin, your Surge Guard 40250 has 3350 Joules of surge protection built into it. Not as many as the PI EMS-HW-50C unit that has 3580 Joules of surge protection. However, surge is the least of your worries at RV parks. It is usually more likely to be open grounds, open neutrals or low/high voltage.

The biggest difference as Tom Cherry pointed out is that the Surge Guard 40250 in not serviceable and requires either replacement or return to the factory. Whereas the PI EMS-HW-50C is field serviceable with replaceable boards.

I would not worry until some component inside the Surge Guard fails requiring you to replace it. Then I would switch over to an ESCO Transfer Switch and the PI EMS-HW-50C.

The sole purpose of the Autoformer is to boost voltage when the infrastructure inside the RV Park loads down where the low voltage gets so low that it could damage devices inside your coach such as AC/s and refrigerator compressor motors.

TRCI Surge Guard Training Manual.pdf

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