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Under-Awning LED Lighting 2006 Diplomat

Scotty Hutto

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After seeing @pwhittle Paul Whittle's installation of LED lighting on his Sig, I had to copy.  I am able to control the color and brighness from my cell phone or the Amazon Echo "Alexa" in the coach.  You can also schedule the lights to turn off at a specific time each night, which is handy. 

Paul Provided a list of materials for his project, and I made a few changes for my project:

- LE RGBW LED Strip Lights, WiFi Smart Waterproof Color Changing LED Strips 16.4ft SMD 5050 LED Tape Light $29.99

- LightingWill 5-Pack V-Shape LED Aluminum Channel System 3.3ft/1M Anodized Black Corner Mount Extrusion for <12mm Width SMD3528 5050 LED Strips with Milky White Cover, End Caps, Clips V02B5 $34.99

- 2PCS 1M 3.28ft 5 Color RGBW Extension Cable LED Strip Connector Extension Cable Cord Wire 5 Pin LED Connector for SMD 5050 3528 2835 RGBW LED Light Strip (2PCS) $7.66

- 3M 06384 Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape $13.50

First, I cleaned the area to install the channel with denatured alcohol:


I used about 3" of the 3M Automotive Tape at each end of the 3' channel sections, along with the clips provided:


I installed the channel along the lower lip of the slide surround, leaving about an inch at the front for the wiring:


After installing the channel, I secured the LED tape to the channel and installed the cover:


Ends were sealed with Proflex to prevent water intrusion.

Inside the coach I was able to get 12v from the lighting wiring harness in the cabinets and installed the controller:



Finished product:



Total cost: Less than $90

Time to install: About 2-3 hours.


More random install pictures my phone decided to upload for me...









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Guest CjnCook

Hey Scotty,

Copying your installation of the LED lights on my 2008 Diplomat. Got everything installed, drilled the hole next to the strip to run the cable, but running into a snag getting it down into the cabinet. I can run a hard wire into the outside hole, but can't locate it when looking into the space above the slide out ceiling. There seems to be a double "wall" where I might need to make two penetrations. Can you give some insight into how you were able to snake the cable through? And I am assuming you cut and spliced one of the cable?

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Yes, that was probably the most difficult part. I ended up using a coat hanger and having to bend it with a lot of trial and error. There was about a 2-3” offset from the hole in the outside to the hole on the inside, and I had a rough time connecting

yes, I had to cut the cable and splice it  I used the small heat-shrink/solder connectors, but the crimp-style connectors for phone cable that you can get from Home Depot would work just as well  


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Was considering getting the type that slides through the accessory groove in the awning tube, but I like that you can use the lights without having the awning extended.  I don't like to leave the awning out when not at the campsite but sometimes you have to return after sunset.  Have had experience with rain and awning collapse...not a pretty picture.

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