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Not Getting Emails? 😬

Scotty Hutto

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An increasing number of folks (it seems) have been having problems not receiving emails from the site.  I have spent a good deal of time researching this, and believe I have discovered the root of the problem.

Note: If you are getting *any* emails from the site (or anything from invisioncloudcommunity.com) then the below issue is not your problem.

In every instance so far (about a dozen over the past few weeks), either the member OR THEIR EMAIL SERVICE has reported the email from invisioncloudcommunity.com as SPAM.  Once this report has been submitted, even inadvertently, the Invision mail servers automatically ban your email address.  So, after going through all of the checks on OUR site, I have to reach out to the admins at Invision and ask them to unblock you.  If this is the first occurrence, they will do it.  If it has happened multiple times, they won't unblock your email because it damages the reputation of their email servers.  Invision hosts thousands of communities and their servers send out millions of emails daily, and they work very hard to protect the reputation of their email servers (i.e., NOT to be labeled SPAM).

Once you've been blocked a second time, the only way to begin receiving emails from Monacoers.org is to change your email address.  The block is for that one specific email address, not your server or email provider.  You don't have to delete your Monacoers account; you can go in Account Settings and change your email there.  Once you've changed your email address, your Newsletters and other email from the site should resume.

Some things you can do to prevent this:

1. Add @invisioncloudcommunity.com to your "Safe Senders" list AND your email address book. How to do this is very dependent on how you receive emails, and there are too many variations to try and give a tutorial here. The easiest way is to search for "safe senders" in your email client (or web client, if you use webmail.)  If you get stuck, send an email to moderator@monacoers.org and one of us can help you.

2. NEVER, EVER report email from the site as SPAM.  If you don't want to receive emails from the site, reach out to me and I can walk you through turning them off.

Sorry for the long message, but lately most of my time spent on the site lately has been spent chasing down this exact problem; NOT doing things to improve the site.  It takes me quite a bit of time to check *everything* about a member's profile when this happens, and I *must* do that before I reach out to Invision support.

Keep on RVing...


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Guest Ray Davis
6 minutes ago, Dennis H said:

Scotty, just a thank you for your time and efforts on keeping this site up and running smoothly.....Dennis

Dennis, truer words were never spoken,  uh I mean typed.  👍

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Update and more explanation:

Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you, but we’ve had an issue with certain email servers reporting the newsletter as spam. It’s not necessarily the individual, usually their email service.  Yahoo and all its affiliates (AT&T, ymail, Bellsouth, etc) are particularly bad. 

When that happens, our providers spam protection system automatically blocks that email address from being sent any email so as not to harm their servers’ email reputation. (Multiple spam reports - particularly from the same source - can cause a server to be labeled a spam server).  When that happens, I have to submit a support ticket for that specific email address to be restored.  If it happens a second time, there’s nothing we can do to fix it. A repeat occurrence causes the system to permanently block that email address. (Two strikes snd you’re out…)

If you do not receive emails from the site, please send me a direct message through the “contact us” email link at the bottom of any page and include your email address. 




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