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Back years ago during the Monaco bankruptcy the website used by dealers was left open and accessible, there was a post of the link on IRV2.  It peaked my interest and ultimately found that I could find all the parts pages form my 2002 Windsor and spent a couple days scouring the site and downloading the ones I thought useful.  The parts pages had both the Monaco part number and sometimes the OEM part number.  Using the Monaco part number is usually not successful but in the past the OEM part number can usually lead me in the right direction to find a part but this is getting more difficult with time.

Recently I was helping a poster on the IRV2 site find the hinge pieces for the bay doors.  I had to replace 3 of mine back in 2013 but had to go through Monaco to get the part number and part.  I provided this info to the poster, he actually went to the REV website which does have a parts lookup and was able to buy a 14' piece of the hinge for ~$100 with shipping.

This peaked my interest so I went to the REV parts site, randomly picked some of my parts pages (which can consist of multiple parts numbers) and checked some Monaco part numbers.  I was able to find everyone.  Some are in stock, some provided lead time once order is place, a couple were obsolete. 

The old part # is listed as legacy with the new REV part number provided.  Here is a link to one I looked up


It is good to know the REV does have this info archived and may be able to help.   I have +100 parts pages, most of them have multiple parts listed.   The dash parts page has +25 parts listed for all the gauges. 

So if you have any of the old Monaco part numbers there is hope. 

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Hey jacwjames read your piece, i appreciate your info, in fact on one of your replies to someone on irv2 i saw where you offered the listing, which i made into files that i can use. As i looked thru the listing there are severel parts that look like i can use on my 03 HR, thank you for that information. I myself have discovered just how difficult it is to find a something so simple as a belt tensioner, i even had the old one with me an the parts people i worked with would, if i gave them a part # be glad to look it up, but otherwise they have NO intrest in trying to research any parts. I admitt i forgot to look at the list because i had the old part in my hand i thought that would suffice, nope instead i put the old part back on. However on this site someone gave me “the part number” an said it was the possable one, sadly it was not. So what i have begun to relise is the parts that are out there may fit the base group (engine family in my case for like a truck) but not fir the application like MH. In fact i even went to the tensioner Mfg. Site an entered the PN on the tensioner and there was no crossover, yet if i entered the application for my MH it spit out a PN that was supposed to work, yeah no, it too was different enough that i didnt feel comfortable trying to see. So i believe that the #s on the old part WILL relate to a document for the specs that were used by that company to build that exact componite specificly for that application. Of course that shinning ray of the obvious came to me on Saturday and of course there closed till Tuesday😡

With as many older coaches still out there you would think some entrepreneur that could see the benifit of organizing a data base so parts houses could acess an sell acordingly... Thank you again for your support

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I too grabbed pages for our Dynasty.  They are specific to 2006 Dynasty model year but some will certainly cross.  Happy to share on a new clean flash drive.  This is over 100 pages, with pictures and part descriptions, and as Jim mentioned lots of vendor part numbers that are sometimes relatively easy to search for AND FIND currently.

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