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Welding on chassis


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My coach (2009 Dynasty, ISM engine) is at Cummins for repairs. The tech found a bracket in the engine compartment that failed the weld to the chassis. Cummins wants to reweld the bracket to the chassis. What precautions need to be taken to prevent damage to the electrical/electronic systems?

Thank You,

Ray Murley

2009 Dynasty

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Be sure to completely disconnect the batteries and temporarily relocate anything electrical/electronic that lies within a foot or so of the area to be welded.  If Cummins is doing the work they will take the necessary precautions because they are liable for damages if they don't.

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Cummin's should know what they're doing, but they may sub it out.  As others said make sure all connections to the batteries are completely and physically removed.  Takes a good eye, I kept seeing a led on in the FRB after disconnecting the batteries, but there were a couple small wires, 12ga, way in the back hiding.  Welders don't like lugging the cables any further than they have to, you might want to help the guy get his ground lead next to the work.

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