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Rear Furnace not working


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  Sure is cold in south Texas.  Too cold for the heat pumps so switched over to furnace for heat.  Zone 1 has a furnace setting but only operates the front furnace.  Zone 2 does not have a furnace setting and rear furnace will not work.   PO replaced the AC's in 2016, is there a chance the rear furnace did not get hooked up to the thermostat?   I appreciate any and all ideas.  Not cold inside as we have a electric ceramic heater to help the front furnace.   

Lee Perry /cor460

 2007 Diplomat SKQ

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I also have a 2007 Diplomat SKQ. I just changed my rear unit out to a Penguin II 15,000 BTU from a 13,500. If your 13,500 BTU has been changed out to a 15,000 it has a new control board and the dip switches may be incorrect. I suggest get the model number and call Dometic Tech Service and ask them for help. When I talked to them on my change out they were really good. It is real easy to accidentally change a dip switch when installing everything. I am sure you went to the thermostat and choose zone 2 and then furnace. Maybe try that in case you accidentally chose the wrong mode. Good Luck

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On my new Penguin II High Capacity (15,000 BTU) air conditioners, dip switch 8 needs to be set to ON, to enable the furnace.  

Once the dip switch is changed, you need to re-set the thermostat.  You might try a re-set now and see if by chance it helps.  I don't believe it could hurt:

(CCC 2 System Only) Reset & Checkout
1. System Reset
After setting the dip switches in the electronic control, do a system reset.
a. Re-connect the 12 Vdc and 120 Vac power supplies.
b. Make sure the CCC 2 thermostat is in the OFF mode.
c. Simultaneously press the MODE and ZONE buttons. The LCD will display "IniT" and all available zones.
d. Release the MODE and ZONE buttons.
e. Press the ON/OFF button to exit system set up.
f. When a dip switch is turned on after initial configuration, a system reset will need to be done before the CCC 2 thermostat will recognize the updated selection.

FYI, I've run my Penguin IIs in very cold weather.  As I recall vaguely, it was just above freezing.  You might try it.  They will put out heat and when the heat exchanger on the roof gets cold enough, they go into a defrost cycle.  The CCC2 thermostat will then say "DEFROST".  That cycle lasts a few minutes and then it goes back to heat again.  Before I understood it, it was a bit disconcerting, but after reading the manual and finding the DEFROST message on the CCC2, I'm comfortable with it now.


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