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Rear trailing arms,Monaco.

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This will help you and others about which coach's and years were the issue:

 Go to Brett Wolfe's post on the FMCA forum Posted October 14, 2009

"To bring everyone up to speed on this, here is my post on this SAFETY RECALL over on the FMCA Forum-- Class A: http://community.fmca.com/index.php?showtopic=569

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We purchased our 2007 Monaco Cayman used in Aug. of 2019. It had only 4025 miles on it when we bought it. Shortly afterwards I learned of the trailing arm issue. I contacted Source Engineering and spoke with Jim. He told me that the mean failure point was around 40,000 miles. Earliest failure reported was around 7,500 miles. Even though our trailing arms appeared to be in good condition, we immediately made plans to have the trailing arms replaced. After inquiring with several RV repair shops in our area of Colorado we found none that were willing to do the job. Either would not work of rig older that 10 years or asking price for labor alone was $3,600 to install only trailing arms.

We ended up making our first trip in the Cayman to Eugene, OR to have Source Engineering do the job. He charged us $900 labor to do trailing arm replacement and install their Ride Enhancement Kit. The Trailing Arms cost us $2050 and the ride enhancement kit was $2000.  The savings in labor cost alone paid for the cost of the trip which we extended all the way down to San Diego and back home via Arizona. 

The Source Engineering Trailing Arms are far beefier than the originals. Like I mentioned, the coach only had 4025 miles on it but I felt the preventative measure of having them replaced was worth it. The confidence and peace of mind knowing that your rear axle isn't going to detach from the frame on the next bump in the road was worth every dollar. 

Adding the Ride Enhancement Kit was some of the best money we spent. I highly recommend the Ride Enhancement Kit for any RR4R chassis. Before we had it installed we would bottom out the airbag travel every time we hit a dip or bump in the road. This would totally freak out my wife. Within the first 100 miles after they install the Ride Enhancement Kit we know it had been the right decision. No more bottoming out on dips and bumps. Trust me, not having the wife scream at me for not seeing the dip or bump was worth every dime of the $2000 cost!

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3 hours ago, David RUSSELL said:

Thank you for all the info.When we can travel South again,we will be going to source engineering for the trailing arms and associated upgrades to our coach.

Source engineering knows Monacos chassis 

Good deal.😁

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