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"Finding common ground"


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We're often suspicious of loose grounds throughout our coaches.  I've seen photos of "bus bars"  with ground wires coming in from multiple electronic/electrical sources, but have never been able to spot anything like that on my coach ('09 HR Scepter).  I've looked inside the dash, in the generator compartment, engine bay and the FRB.  Any hints on where I should be looking?  I've got a couple of issues of "stray electrons" that I'm trying to hunt down and though I would start with checking/tightening grounds wires.


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Different year


My aquahot has a ground strip.

And guess what 😳 

My toilet is grounded on that aqua hot ground bar.

I have several in the electrical bay under the drivers side window.


Do you have an electrical map, scematic 

AC and DC ?


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