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camera upgrades

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I am wanting to upgrade the camera system in my 09 Sig as I think the factory switch is having issues. The system seems to be a bit lack luster in quality, so looking at solutions. 

My question, why do I need a switch in the first place? I rarely look at the camera in the bedroom, and I don' tknow that I have ever looked at the Triptech info on the video monitor. 

So why couldn't I just change monitors, with a 4 screen monitor with the trigger switches and be done.  I think the cameras are all pretty good. I have a brand new CabCam 4 screen monitor at home, only issue I see is they use a 4 pin plug, where I suspect this current system has a 5 pin. So not sure if I can splice the camera wires to work on the monitor.

From my understanding Intellitec does not make the switch any longer and if you find one elsewhere they are pretty lackluster as well and why Intellitec stopped making them.


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I'd suggest calling Tim at rvcams.com and talk with him.  He's very knowledgeable in this topic.

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I'm replacing my monitor/cameras.  My selector switch died some time ago and I understand there is no replacement.  That's OK, the new monitors can do the switching.  I'm replacing my all three of my current cameras and monitor.  The selector switch went into the garbage when I rebuilt my side arm dash and moved the switches where I wanted them.  My Sony system has the 6 pin connector, which I will reuse the cable by splicing onto the 4 wires that I will need for the new cameras.  Copper is copper, insulation color is just for identification.  There are butt splices that contain solder in them.  You join the wires in the butt splice, heat it up, the solder melts and seals both ends.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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