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Roof paint for 08 dynasty

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For years I have been faithfully using Mop n Glow on my roof probably every six months.  However my roof is now starting to "chaulk up" and when it rains I get the white streaks down the sides.  I am looking for suggestions for coating (or painting) the roof to prevent this.  ANyone have the same problem and cured it??   Thanks for any info that is available.


Bob L, 08 dynasty

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I used Henrys tropicool from home depot, i had to do quite a bit of prep work but it came out awsome, there were some you tubes on roof painting rvs that helped. The pic was before i put all the covers back on. It has great coverage, and laid down well, very good refelective ability. I used almost a 5 gallon bucket of paint an my coach is 36ft cost was under $500


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